5 Tips for Acne Prevention

Please note that the below information is intended to be observed as guidelines, and is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a licensed skincare professional with any questions you may have regarding acne or acne prevention.

“You’ll grow out of it as you get older.”

“It’s not that noticeable, don’t worry about it.”

Sound familiar? For those of us that suffer from some form of acne, these adages are painfully common. There seems to be a common misconception that a person will “grow out” of acne once they’ve moved past their teenage years, but unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily true.

Although acne usually affects teens going through puberty, adult acne is growing, affecting up to 15% of women in the U.S., and 50 million Americans annually.

And with so many of us affected by acne, there are more treatment options and recommendations available than ever. A brief Google search for skincare tips or ways to prevent acne yields millions of results, making it difficult to determine what might be best for your specific skin type.

To make the search seem a little less intimidating, here are a few tips for acne prevention that we’ve found to be effective:

1. Wash your face twice a day.

This is the baseline for any good skincare routine. Especially for those who suffer with acne, cleansing your skin of any dirt or oil build-up at the beginning and end of the day is essential.

The American Academy of Dermatology also recommends washing your face after any kind of physical activity that leaves you sweaty, as sweat can also clog up our pores.

However, it’s also important to note that we can wash our faces too much. When you have oily skin, it can be tempting to keep washing your face until it doesn’t feel “greasy.” Unfortunately, by doing this, you are actually stripping your skin of its natural oils, forcing it to compensate by creating even more, and making your acne worse rather than better.

2. Try not to touch your face.

We know that this is one of the most commonly cited tips for acne prevention, but it’s true. Resist the temptation to pick, squeeze, or “pop” your acne. By doing so, you risk a further spread of bacteria, painful inflammation, and acne scars.

By resisting touching your face, you also avoid spreading any dirt, oil, or bacteria on your hands to the pores of your skin.

3. Shampoo your hair regularly.

If you have oily hair and skin, the American Academy of Dermatology even recommends shampooing your hair daily, as the oil from your hair can easily transfer to your face, causing further acne flare-ups.

4. Use a gentle cleanser.

Another common temptation felt by acne sufferers is the desire to “scrub away” their acne with harsh exfoliators and cleansers. Unfortunately, this often makes your skin appear red and irritated, worsening the appearance of acne. It also has a tendency to dry your skin out, causing more oil to be produced and more acne flare-ups.

Instead, look for a gentle cleanser free from alcohol or other irritants, and one that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural moisture.

5. Choose an acne treatment plan and stick with it.

Acne products typically take between 6-8 weeks to begin working. Although we all wish results could be instantaneous, resist the urge to switch your skincare routine if you aren’t seeing a difference in a week. If you still aren’t seeing any improvements after the 6-8 week window has passed, you can begin looking into other treatments.

Our Recommendation

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If you’re looking for an alternative to acne products, there are also other treatment options. Broadband light treatments are another way of treating and preventing acne.

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However, please note that it’s important to consult a licensed skincare professional before embarking on a new skincare regimen. Each person’s skin type is unique, and requires a different method of care.

If you’d like to consult with a professional to develop a personalized skincare routine, schedule a complimentary consultation with us! Our certified physician assistant will talk with you about your unique skincare goals and come up with a customized treatment plan just for you. Call 541-618-1461 to schedule your consultation today!