Real Patient Experience: What is it Like to Have a Treatment at Renew Medical Spa?

Spa treatments are synonymous with self-care, and when it was my turn to take some time for myself, Renew was exactly where I wanted to go. As a busy mom of three and someone who works from home, I rarely get the chance to do things like salon or spa treatments, and I had some skin concerns that needed addressing. One of the main issues I had was a prominent sun spot on my face and various redness and dryness that comes from the winter weather. I couldn’t wait for the appointment to arrive. The booking process was simple and easy, and I received both text and email updates and reminders. There was also an included link to register for a patient profile, and it was all effortless. I clicked and registered on my phone and was able to make my check-in experience even faster. 

When I arrived, I was about ten minutes early and was able to sit in the peaceful and easy-to-find lobby. I was greeted warmly by the staff, and there was calming music and comfortable chairs. One of the staff members entered my information into the computer and completed the images for my VISIA assessment. The VISIA assessment is a free part of every appointment and includes detailed and medical-grade images of the skin and face. It involved putting my face into the little photo stand and having three bright flashes while my eyes were closed. It was painless and simple. Then, I was greeted by my provider, Siobhan. Siobhan has worked for Renew for six years, and from the start, I felt comfortable and cared for. Before my procedure began, I received safety information, a HIPAA release, and consent forms. These could be filled out via paper or digitally and I felt well-informed about any risks. 

Once I was situated and in a comfy little spa wrap, my skincare provider showed me my VISIA pictures and reviewed the results. The assessment covers spots, wrinkles, texture, and pores. It also shows your UV damage, spots, and even the level of bacteria on the skin. It grades these by percentages from 0-100%, and these scores are created relative to other people who are my age, gender, and skin type. Getting a higher score is good, and unfortunately, my skin had some areas from sun damage (too many lake days in college!). Thankfully, I was able to discuss my area of concern on my face, and receive feedback about things that can be done to help fade the spot. I received the HydroPlus Microdermabrasion facial, and although I was nervous about what it might feel like, it was comfortable and painless. You feel light suction, but the noise level is quite low and the process feels rejuvenating. Siobhan did a few passes across my face and all that I felt was light pressure/suction. I also received extractions for clogged pores which were mildly uncomfortable but nothing drastic. Then, there was a hydrating set of serums applied with a similar device to the skin and that felt cooling and refreshing. Finally, there was a hydrating mask and a wonderful neck and shoulder massage that really took away a lot of the stress on my tight shoulders. I joked that I might fall asleep but I really could have. 

After my treatment, I was led back out to the front office, where the Renew team provided a personalized recommendation sheet of products and treatments that would help the trouble spots I mentioned. The sheet also had all pricing clearly listed and gave me a full idea of what an ideal treatment plan would look like and how long it would take. For the needs I mentioned, Siobhan recommended a chemical peel and several natural skincare lines that are carried at the medical spa (in the lobby). There was also a wide range of pricing, which I loved (products from $23 to treatments that were $200+), and options for which things could be used alone.

Overall, I was so pleased with my treatment. My skin was glowing and there was no downtime at all. I felt the effects of my facial for a few more days afterward and had noticeably less dryness. Siobhan, my provider, was a Certified Advanced Esthetician with many years of experience, and she clearly loved what she does. When I asked her what she loved about her job, she shared, “I’ve worked here for six years, and skin is my passion. I just love making people feel beautiful and look and feel their best. I think that’s the best part of my job. People are happy when they come to see me, and that is what makes me know it’s valuable. I always know I can help them achieve their goals, and that helps me know that I can give them confidence inside and out.” I really can’t wait to go back for another treatment at Renew. Lastly, Siobhan shared as I was leaving, “At Renew, we really value people as a whole. We become friends with our patients and they value that. We are respected in the community and that sets us apart from other med spas that don’t have the same technology. We are always striving to be our best”. 

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Grace Cartwright Aspinwall is a marketing professional and blogger.
She resides in Southern Oregon with her husband and three young daughters.

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