What You Need To Know About Preventative Botox®

Have you ever wondered about that friend that just seems to age gracefully? Of course, genetics and environmental factors play an intricate role in the aging process, but many patients are turning to preventative Botox as a way to actively combat wrinkles and lines. Botox® is traditionally associated with relaxing muscles and reducing lines, but it can also be used to battle wrinkles before they become more visible and long-lasting.

What is Preventative Botox®?

Preventative Botox® is rooted in the idea that receiving injections prior to the onset of wrinkles can prevent them from forming at all. Botox® injections can weaken the facial muscles (by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles) that cause wrinkles and slow the forming and deepening of the lines. Much like other skincare-related things (dark spots, fine lines, dryness), it’s significantly easier to utilize prevention than trying to fix something after it is already there. Specifically, Botox prevents dynamic wrinkles caused by muscles that move in the face, such as lines around the mouth, forehead, or crow’s feet.

Why are More Patients Choosing This?

Sometimes referred to as “baby Botox®”, the preventative form is best suited for patients prone to deep or prominent wrinkles. How do you know if this will be something critical for you? Factors like smoking, genetics and environmental factors can all contribute to developing wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, experts agree that people with “expressive faces” tend to get more lines and see them emerge earlier. Also, it’s not just age but rather the condition of the skin. People with very thin skin will see aging effects earlier than those with thick, well-hydrated skin. Some of the benefits of choosing preventative Botox® include:

  • Preventing deep lines from forming, and softening existing lines.
  • Preventing wrinkles in areas like the forehead
  • Saves you money on more intensive procedures in the future

When Should I Start Preventative Botox®?

There is no exact number as to when you should start preventative Botox® procedures because everyone is different and has unique skincare needs. You can begin as early as your twenties once you see any fine lines or wrinkles that bother you (it’s best to look for these in a mirror when your face is resting and relaxed). Thankfully, many of the old stigmas surrounding aesthetic procedures like Botox® have faded, and many younger patients are discovering the benefits of this preemptive procedure.

How Often Should I have Preventative Botox®?

Similarly, to when you should begin, there is no definitive schedule. Each patient’s success will be based on their skincare provider’s assessment and personalized care.

Some patients will see benefits with a few treatments spaced very far apart, while others will need to return more frequently. At Renew, we counsel patients that they can see positive results as early as 3-4 days after their procedure, but it can take as long as two weeks to appreciate your effects fully. The results last 3-4 months. It’s important to note that once you begin Botox® treatments, you do not need to be committed to them for your lifetime. It’s a popular myth that “once you start, you can’t stop”, and many preventative Botox® patients actually find that starting earlier means they need less treatments of Botox® in the future.

Does Renew Medical Spa offer Preventative Botox®?

At Renew, we offer Preventative Botox® as well as Dysport, which is an alternative treatment (click here to find out more about Dysport). If you’re considering it, our experienced staff will begin with a personalized analysis of your skincare and personal goals. They can help you make an informed decision about whether this procedure is right for you and when it’s an ideal time for you to start. When administered by inexperienced providers, Botox® in any form can cause unwanted changes in your face, so it’s essential that you only receive preventative Botox® under the care of a quality facility and skincare provider. Renew Medical Spa is proud to offer you the highest quality care and many options for anti-aging procedures whether you’re just starting your journey or have had other aesthetics done. Contact us today!


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