Treatment Combinations

South Beach Peel

Forever Young™ Phototherapy with Microlaser Peel
Pricing varies. Ask us for details.

The South Beach Peel is a well-known treatment combination that’s great for both smoothing and brightening your skin. The broadband light of Phototherapy improves overall skin tone and adds brightness by treating brown spots and redness. The MicroLaser Peel improves texture by removing layers of damaged tissue. And all this in a single visit! You’ll see why this treatment combination is so popular.

Ace Peel

Microlaser Peel with Profractional Laser Treatment™

This treatment combines the best elements of the Microlaser Peel and Profactional Laser, addressing damage at the surface of the skin as well as inspiring collagen remodeling in the deeper layers of the skin. The Ace Peel will help improve texture, tone, wrinkles, and discoloration, revealing healthier skin!

North Star Peel

Forever Young™ Phototherapy, Microlaser Peel, and Profractional Laser Treatment™
Pricing Varies. Ask us for details.

This customized peel combines three technologies—two lasers and broadband light—into one amazing treatment. It’s excellent for patients who can commit to several days of down-time and who are trying to correct multiple skin concerns with a single combined treatment. The North Star Peel adds Profractional Laser treatment, which is great for acne scarring and for smoothing deep lines and wrinkles. It also reduces darker pigment irregularities such as age spots and freckles, while treating sun damage and uneven texture.

Illumination Package

Forever Young™ Phototherapy with Microdermabrasion
Pricing varies. Ask us for details.

Our illumination package is the perfect no down-time treatment. A series of three Forever Young Phototherapy treatments add brightness and reduce pigment irregularities such as sun spots, age spots, and freckles. Three Microdermabrasions smooth the texture of your skin. The result is a fresh, glowing you!

Brighten and Tighten Package

Forever Young™ Phototherapy with SkinTyte™
Pricing varies. Ask us for details.

If you keep a busy schedule, this is a great no-downtime treatment for tightening your skin and treating pigment issues. Our Brighten and Tighten Package is a series of five SkinTyte and three Forever Young Phototherapy treatments. Broadband light brightens your skin by reducing pigment irregularities, while SkinTyte tightens tissue by promoting collagen production.