Dull Skin

Dull skin is one of the most common skin related complaints from our patients. It is characterized by skin that has lost its radiance or glow. Dull skin looks aged and unhealthy. It may also have an uneven tone and texture. To help simplify your summer skin care regimen, we’ve selected our favorite products and sprinkled in a few tips from the pros.

To help simplify your summer skin care regimen, we’ve selected our favorite products and sprinkled in a few tips from the pros.

Our Summer Skin Care MUST HAVES

    • ZO Daily Power Defense
      This gem feels light and fresh on your skin and the subtle aroma helps invigorate you for whatever the day brings! If that’s not enough, this anti-aging formula comes complete with retinol antioxidants and specialized DNA-repairing enzymes that work around the clock to help minimize UV damage and uneven pigmentation while restoring skin function and elasticity. Bottom line; this light and airy product helps battle various elements of sun damage, helps firm and tone skin, and promotes cell turnover!
    • ZO Growth Factor Serum
      We are here to plump you up! Not only does this gel based serum feel like silk, it has two growth factors that support collagen production for increased skin density. Additionally, a combination of retinol and amino acids stimulates cellular function, preserves collagen structure and promotes elasticity. When the summer sun tries to dehydrate and deteriorate the quality of your skin, you fight back with Growth Factor Serum!
    • Epionce Daily Shield Tinted Sunscreen
      We can’t talk about summer skin care without talking about sun protection. Recently awarded “Best Under Makeup” by Shape Magazine’s 2017 sun Awards, this tinted SPF has our team more excited about sunscreen than usual! The tinted Daily Shield provides excellent broad-spectrum UV protection, it feels amazing on your skin, it helps even out skin tone, and it includes botanical ingredients loaded with antioxidants! Great as a stand-alone product for those who want to skip make-up during the summer, but also feels light and smooth under make-up for those who want move coverage.
  • ZO Offects Exfoliating Polish
    It’s no secret that heat and sun exposure damage our skin cells. Exfoliating regularly promotes healthy skin by removing dead skin cells, improving dull looking skin. It also allows skin care products to penetrate the skin more deeply, helping to ensure that active ingredients are integrating with your skin so they can work! The Offects polish is our favorite because it’s ultra-fine crystals are comfortable, yet effective and it includes Vitamins A, C, E and C-esters for an antioxidant boost. If you use a sunless tanner, exfoliating your skin will help ensure a smooth and even color because pigment tends to become more concentrated in dead skin cells.

Tips from the Skin Care Pros

Drink up!
Hydrate your body to help hydrate your skin. Drinking 64 ounces of water each day helps detoxify your system and helps restore moisture to your skin. Be mindful of how much caffeine you consume each day as it works against hydration efforts.

Ready, set, reapply…and then reapply again
Regardless of brand or the SPF rating, your sunscreen reduces its effectiveness significantly after 2 hours of wear. That means if you put on SPF 50 and head out for the day, your protection is long gone before you day is over. The best practice is to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. To help free your mind while you’re enjoying outdoor activities, we recommend setting an alarm on your phone or watch to help ensure proper UV protection.

Protect your peepers
The delicate tissue around the eyes is one of the most common areas for non-melanoma skin cancers to occur. Additionally, we all know that squinting contributes to creating “crow’s feet” or wrinkles around the eyes. Your eyes deserve sun protection too! Learn more about Why UV Protection is Important for Eye Health and invest in some stylish sunnies that offer good coverage and UVA/UVB protection.

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