Medical Esthetics

Alternatives to Surgery

The Medical Esthetics procedures at RENEW are designed to enhance the way you look and feel without surgery. Whether you’re concerned with acne, wrinkles, unsightly veins or sun damage, there are plenty of non-surgical ways we can help you achieve your goals. And, for those who have had surgery, our wide range of procedures can help enhance and maintain your results, providing longevity to your great new look!

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For most of our non-surgical Medical Esthetics procedures, pricing is based on the treatment, the location, and the number of treatments needed. Consultations are complimentary and will help us provide you with specific financial details. Package discounts and special offers are also available.

Package Pricing

Ask about discounted package pricing for all services.

Financing is Available

RENEW at Medical Eye Center offers solutions to both short and long-term treatment goals. Learn about financing your procedures with low monthly payment plans.

VISIA floating screens - Renew Medical Spa

Free Skin Consultation with VISIA Skin Imaging Analysis

RENEW at Medical Eye Center offers all of our patients a complimentary, personalized skin analysis with our licensed Esthetician or certified Physician Associate in a private setting. Your consultation is designed to help you learn all about the skin rejuvenation treatment options at RENEW. We will listen to your concerns and provide you with our recommendations on the best ways to achieve and maintain the results you desire. A medical chart will be prepared for you and kept updated as your treatment progresses.

About the VISIA Skin Imaging System

We’re proud to be the only medical spa in Southern Oregon to offer VISIA Skin Imaging analysis—the most advanced computerized skin analysis system available today. We believe this technology is an important first step in offering you the best possible skin care. VISIA’s multi-dimensional imaging system provides precise measurements of your skin’s health and appearance. Eight key areas are analyzed, including:

  • Pores
  • Wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Pigment irregularities
  • UV damage
  • Texture
  • Bacteria
  • Inflammation

The VISIA analysis is an easy and painless process, and it takes just a few minutes to capture your images. Once completed, our licensed skin care professionals will spend about an hour reviewing the results with you. Together, we’ll develop a treatment plan that’s customized to your skin and your goals. The images are stored in our VISIA database for comparison from session to session, enabling us to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment program over time.

Your First Visit

Please plan on spending 60-90 minutes with our staff. At your consultation, you will receive:

  1. An overview of the program and treatments we offer.
  2. A VISIA digital photo analysis of your skin.
  3. A complete review of your current at home skin care regimen and suggestions for improvement.
  4. A print-out of your custom-designed RENEW treatment program and recommendations from our staff that will help you achieve your goals.

NOTE: Your VISIA photos are best taken without cosmetics, so please come prepared to remove your make-up. Or if you prefer, feel free to bring your own make-up from home to re-apply afterward.

Make-Up Application

We offer complimentary basic make-up applications. 

Patient Forms

To  serve you better, our patient forms are available online. These PDF forms can be printed and filled-out beforehand and brought along to your visit. Please give them to us when you check-in for your appointment. Click to access our forms.

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Understanding Your Skin

Illustration #1 shows the physiology of our skin.

Transform your skin!

Click on illustration #2 to enlarge it and learn about how to transform damaged, aging skin into younger, healthier skin.

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