Microneedling Near Me

Microneedling-What You Need To Know

If you struggle with skin concerns such as uneven skin tone or age spots, microneedling might be right for you. This minimally invasive procedure can restore elasticity to the skin and smooth the appearance of scars, dark spots, or stretch marks. Microneedling is an excellent introductory skin procedure since it doesn’t require a lengthy recovery

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Botox or lip filler

Should I Book a BOTOX® Lip Flip or Dermal Lip Filler?

Pursuing any cosmetic treatment is a very personal decision, and it’s essential to consider what you hope to get out of the treatments. Preparation and knowledge can make choosing esthetic treatments feel empowering and help restore confidence for many patients. One treatment that has garnered quite a bit of attention recently has been the BOTOX®

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Botox Filler Renew Medical Spa

BOTOX®, Kybella and Dermal Filler: Which is Right for Me?

These days, pursuing anti-aging or cosmetic treatments is seen positively and viewed as a type of self-care. Procedures like BOTOX®, Kybella, and fillers are also more widely available and are safer than ever. These non-invasive remedies have short recovery times and offer a way to slow down signs of aging. If you are choosing which

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Man and woman medical spa

What is the Difference Between a Medical Spa and a Day Spa?

These days, life is moving faster than ever, and it seems many people are seeking ways to relax and step back from the hurried pace. A trip to the spa is an inviting and welcoming way to calm down your body and your mind. Although traditional day spas offer relaxing services like massages and manicures,

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Woman smiling looking at face in mirror

Are Chemical Peels Safe?

When considering your skin, it’s important to discern which trends or new procedures are truly effective and research-based and which ones are just driven by celebrities or ads. You likely see chemical peels advertised for uneven skin tone or reducing fine lines in beauty magazines or on television. These days, social media influencers rave about

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5 services in your 30's

Five Facial Services to Consider in Your Thirties

Turning thirty is an exciting milestone, and with this big change comes something new to consider: changing skin. As you leave your twenties behind, you may notice skin changes, like changing elasticity, texture, or dryness. Even if you had relatively blemish-free skin throughout your teens and early adulthood, adult acne or sunspots may have made

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Renew Forever Young BBL

What to Expect: Forever Young BBL™ (BroadBand Phototherapy)

In just thirty minutes, you can grab a coffee, eat lunch, or return a few emails. Thirty minutes is a short amount of time, but when it comes to Forever Young BBL™, this can be enough time to begin reversing your dark spots, sun spots, or hyperpigmentation.  This procedure can generate powerful changes in the

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Fit Man standing against a wall with hands on waist

CoolSculpting®: What to Expect at Renew Medical Spa

Once you’ve made the decision to have a CoolSculpting® procedure, you may experience a range of emotions, such as nervousness or excitement. Many patients experience a combination of feelings as they consider the implications of an elective procedure, but here at Renew Medical Spa, we know that preparation can improve outcomes for patients. That’s why we

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Woman walking in forest

Getting Started with CoolSculpting® 

Accepting the way we look can be a lifelong battle. For many, it’s a perpetual struggle to love and accept the image they see staring back in the mirror. For women, especially, there are some areas of the body that have stubborn areas of fat or bulges that undermine a sense of self-confidence, and no

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Beautiful woman touching her face considering a medical spa near me

5 Tips for Choosing a Spa Near You

Many people imagine cucumber slices and crisp white linens and the ultimate feeling of luxury when it comes to spas. If you’re dreaming of a spa day, you’re likely in need of some rejuvenation and relaxation. Did you know that there are differences in the types of spas available and what they offer? A medical

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Photo of woman care of her neck and fave

3 Ways to Take Care of Your Neck and Face

With the dawn of a new year, many people set goals for their healthcare and wellbeing and look for fresh ways to take care of their bodies. Having new ideas and a fresh perspective can help kick start your year in a positive direction, which is where we enter the picture. Here at Renew Medical

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