Enlarged Pores

What are pores?
Pores are openings in your skin that allow sweat, oils, and other microscopic particles to pass through. They’re found all over your skin, at the base of each hair follicle. Through pores, our skin releases sebum, the body’s natural oils. That’s why pores look bigger in oily areas of your face—and why it’s common to have large pores on the nose, for example.

What causes large pores?
Pore size is mostly determined by genetics, but they tend to get larger and more noticeable with age. Over time, skin cell turnover slows and dead skin cells pile up on the skin’s surface. They can collect within pores, expanding them from the inside out.
Pores can also look larger due to other factors.

Acne, which is caused in part by clogged pores, can make pores both bigger and more noticeable.
Excess sebum production can get trapped within the pore and harden into a sebum plug, potentially turning into acne.
Sun damage weakens the skin’s collagen, which serves as its scaffolding. When collagen is damaged or degraded, the walls of your pores can sag, making them look larger.

Comedogenic makeup can clog pores, stretching them out and making them appear larger even after you exfoliate and clear them out.
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